My Twins were born 16 years apart

Jane Davis, like many mothers was lucky enough to have twin girls. The difference between her and other mothers is that her twins were born 16 years apart. In between her first pregnancy in 1984, Jane suffered 10 miscarriages, three ectopic pregnancies and a baby who lived only six months. Tests revealed that Jane had scar tissue in her uterus and fallopian tubes, which made it almost impossible for a pregnancy to succeed. In 1989 the couple opted to go privately and 25 of Jane’s eggs were successfully fertilised, 22 were frozen and three were placed in her womb. Jane and Alan had their first child Emma, on 13 December 1989. 16 years later Jane’s hunger for a baby wouldn’t go away, and at the age of 46, Jane had her final two embryos implanted. In 2005 Niamh, Emma’s twin was brought into the world.