kerry katonaBitter Kerry Katona has pledged never to let her estranged mother back into her life.

Katona, 26 has cut off all contact with mum Sue, 47 since she branded Kerry an ‘unfit mother’ and a ‘coke head.’

Kerry tells Closer magazine: “My mum is a coke addicts and she drinks every day. There’s no way I could let my little girls go around to her house and put them at risk like that.

“But people think I’m cruel for keeping them away from their nan. I just can’t win.

“My mum’s not a well woman but that doesn’t excuse her for betraying her own daughter. I miss her so much.

“But she’s never been a real mum to me . I’ve always had to buy her love. I bought her a house, provided for her and tried to be a good daughter.

“She repaid me by selling stories to buy more drugs and drink. Now I have to remove her , like other bad influences from my life.”

Read the full story in the April 12th issue of Closer!
[via Stuart Higgins]