Granny Isobel Varley has had her body covered in £25.000 worth of tattoos.

She has spent more than 600 hours under the needle since she became hooked on tattoos in 1998.

Isobel, 69 has now earned world recognition as the ‘most tattooed senior woman” with only five per cent of her skin, including her face free from tattoos.

“People stop me in the street to tell me what lovely tights I’m wearing, not realising it’s my tattoos,” Isobel, from Stevenage, Herts tells Closer magazine

“I pose in a bra and a miniskirt. But I’ve even done nude erotic shows too – I’m not shy!

Her first tattoo cost her just £10 and took two hours. She adds: “I’ve been addicted ever since. I don’t like the pain bit I love the result.”

[via Stuart Higgins]