Nell McAndrew’s Post-Natal Depression Hell

closer magazine april 12Gorgeous Nell McAndrew has revealed that she suffered from post-natal depression after the birth of her baby son.

She tells Closer magazine: “For six and half months after having Devon, not a day went by where I wasn’t in tears. It became normal to cry.

“The smallest thing would set me off. There were days when I couldn’t face leaving the house and I’d slob around in my tracksuit. I tried to carry on as normal but I didn’t feel human – I was physically and mentally exhausted.

“I finally confided in my mum that I was feeling really down. She told me that she’d suffered from post-natal depression too and she recognised all my symptoms.

“I hadn’t taken any time to adjust to being a mum and was trying to juggle motherhood with work. Realising I wasn’t superwoman helped me start to feel better.”

Nell also admits that her depression took its toll on her two and half year marriage to property developer Paul Hardcastle. “I was snappy and grumpy. It definitely put a strain on our relationship and sex life. But luckily Paul knew I wasn’t being myself.”

She says her condition eased when she started running again. “I hadn’t had any ‘me’ time since giving birth and it really helped. I soon felt like my old self,” she said.

Now, Nell is in training for the London Marathon later this month – the third time she has run in the race – and this time she will run alongside her mum, Nancy, who is 54.

[via Stuart Higgins]