closer magazine april 12HEATHER Mills had her eye on Rolling Stone front man Mick Jagger before she married Paul McCartney, her former brother in law claims.

Denys Karma says Jagger had a lucky escape from Heather after she made a beeline for him when he visited a London club where he and Heather worked.

Denys, 43, whose brother Alfie married Heather in 1989 tells Closer magazine: “The other girls in Bananas club just thought he was old and wrinkly but Heather had her eyes peeled for a rich, influential man even then

“But he wasn’t remotely interested. She was only about 16 and got the job because she dated the owner, who was in his late 70’s.”

Denys added: “She was very flirtatious and refused to wear her uniform. Instead she wore a crop top and miniskirt with white stilettos.”

His sister, Dianna, 49 added: “She’s a fantasist and makes up lies as a form of escape then starts to believe them. I feel sorry for Sir Paul. He was vulnerable after his wife Linda’s death.

Amazingly, Denys reveals that it wasn’t only Sir Mick Jagger who escaped her clutches and that HE had a one night stand with Heather BEFORE she met his brother.

“I dodged a bullet there, “ he says. “It was a one-off thing but she was very forward. “ He later introduced Heather to his brother Alfie, now 49.

“Alfie was getting divorced, so we naively thought she’d cheer him up. All she had with her was leather clubbing gear – no day clothes,” recalls Dianna. “Alfie hated her working in Bananas so said he’ make her a model. He paid for her boob job, a nose job and liposuction all over her body.

“She’d lie about everything from qualifications to why she was late. Alfie spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on her. He even opened a model agency for her. But she couldn’t be bothered to work.”

[via Stuart Higgins]